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Incredibly Efficient Recruiter, Able to Find Perfect Fit for Providers

I was blessed to work with Kim for more then seven years in McKenzie-Willamette hospital. Kim is incredibly efficient recruiter, able to find perfect fit for providers. She did that for me and for many others, across the spectrum, from hospitalists to specialists, midlevels, permanent and temporary placements.

As a Hospitalist Medical Director, I worked with Kim closely as she was managing the team. Kim was able to recruit and retain dozens of providers and to temporarily place many able locum physicians and midlevels. Kim was working tirelessly on many contracts and was able to finalize them to both parties satisfaction.

As a Chief of Medicine, I worked with Kim closely and witnessed her ability to efficiently credential hundreds of providers.

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A Winning Combination

Kim is a close associate who spearheaded my professional move to the PNW from 3000 miles across the country, and worked tirelessly to ensure my success in two very different provider environments. Her keen understanding of credentialing, provider needs, and hospital and health facility networks, coupled with her dedication to helping individuals and organizations realize their potential, prove a winning combination in her ability to connect providers with opportunities throughout the health care environment. I find her very personable, sincere, empathetic, and doggedly tenacious in her goal of personally analyzing facility and practice needs and then finding highly qualified candidates to fill those needs with a focus on long term success and mission accomplishment.

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A Thoughtful and Well Respected Physician Recruiter

Kim Williams is a thoughtful and well respected physician recruiter. She works tirelessly to find win-win solutions for providers and facilities. She believes in an open door policy, has always been approachable and rapidly turns out solutions. I wouldn’t be in my current position if not for her, and I know many providers who feel the same way.

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Leadership, Organizational Skills and Ability to Get Things Done

I worked with Kim Williams at Nova Health where I am medical director. Kim's leadership, organizational skills and ability to get things done were an essential asset to our business. She made life a lot better for all of us in management and for all of our employees as well. Kim's energy is non-stop. I highly recommend her as a consultant for any business. 

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Mentor, Consummate Leader

I consider Kim Williams one of my mentors. Her leadership, integrity and ability to excel at business while taking care of people is unmatched. She will put in 80 hours a week to make the big plays, and still know every person's name at the end of the day. 

Kim is the consummate leader. She has the organizational skills and career full of experience making her capable of tackling even the most difficult to manage projects. 

My career is better due to Kim's work on my behalf. She loves her job and her people, and she will fight to make sure the processes work and the people excel. 

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Essential Member of Our Team

Having worked with Kim the last year at Nova Urgent Care, she was an essential member to our team and was vital to handling the COVID-19 crisis. Her work ethic is second to none. Importantly, I found her commitment to patients and staff essential to our success. She understands the stress placed on providers and works to help problem solve situations that impact our day to day activities. 

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My Go To Person

I just wanted to congratulate you on establishing your new firm, Medical Staff Partners. That is really awesome news. I am sure that this will be very useful for our community as you are well aware of the community needs as far as healthcare is concerned. I am also aware that this firm will have national reach too, which is great.

I have worked with you for almost eleven years and I was so delighted to always have you as my go to person to communicate with administration and other medical staff. Your responsiveness is immaculate and I always knew if I needed something and really needed it to be done, verified, investigated, etc. then you are my go to person. 

I am sure that your firm will be a successful one and will not hesitate to contact you if I need anything related to staffing or credentialing. 

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Amazing to Work With

Kim recruited me and made my transition to my new professional home very smooth. She is extremely hard working and has a great understanding of credentialing and compliance. She is amazing to work with!

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Compassion and Zeal in Striving for What She Believes

I've been a physician for the last decade. I met Kim in 2015, she was the VP of Physician Services and Recruiter at McKenzie-Willamette Medical Center. After the interview process, I accepted the position and the decision was reciprocated. Being Canadian and expecting my first child meant there was a bit more paperwork to be undertaken. The priority was to get the medical insurance activated so I could have my child here in the U.S. However, it was not normal for administration to activate the health insurance before commencement. 

Kim, was so empathetic with my situation, supporting me to get the paperwork sorted before the delivery date which she accomplished, thereby welcoming me to my work family. Fast forward five years and two children later, Eugene is the place for our family to grow roots. I am forever indebted to Kim's compassion and zeal in striving for what she believes. 

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Scrupulously Honest, Pragmatic Negotiator and Advocate

I have had the pleasure of knowing CEO and Founder Kim Williams for the past 5 years in both professional and personal capacities. As a busy interventional cardiologist, Kim helped me enormously with contract negotiations with my employer, resulting in an extremely satisfactory financial package that has served me well. Additionally, I have come to know Kim as a scrupulously honest and pragmatic negotiator and advocate, as well as being, most importantly, a trusted friend. I endorse Medical Staff Partners fully and with no reservations.

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